Gironacci1969 trousers are the wearable manifestation of a new way of defining femininity. Cult, comfortable and cool, these garments fit perfectly into today’s wardrobe as a sign of the times, and can be worn in any season: the cut, fabrics and textures featured are structural elements attesting to the style language typical of this brand. The soft formality contrasts with the linear adult imagery, promoting a decidedly different approach which this garment carries as an essential part of itself and is unmistakable for its subtle variations.

This search for new ways of expressing beauty and functionality finds its way through the standard but timeless trouser collections. Amongst this brand's distinctive items, there is no lack of aesthetic signals as to their couture spirit, embellished by an expert eye for detail: the elegance of their fitting and retro patterning are added to an imagery taken straight from everyday reality. A woman who wears these trousers will be expressing a practical femininity with nonchalance, far from the predominant aesthetic but full of natural charm.

Brand Identity

To these harsh times the brand responds with a declaration of intent which is completely feminine, moving towards a balance of the iconic with the functional. "Eternal", in fact, is the key concept in which this aesthetic synthesis is converging: a retro atmosphere and a trip through the mementos of a house tell the story of these trousers as an essential, unmistakable garment which is therefore timeless. The concept of femininity is in fact being given renewed significance, by celebrating the quintessence of modern elegance or the effect of the passage of time on objects and people. In this perspective, the older woman uncovers the authenticity hidden beneath the surface and brings forth a mix of purified lines and irresistible sexiness.


This is the latest line of beauty by Gironacci1969 which holds on to our undiminished fascination for the past and suggests a vision full of memories rooted in the present.